Looking around the peaks !

 by Kazu

The cloud that covered the peak of Mt. Kurodake. Can you see the hillsides of adjacent mountains around me?
Usually I go with my wife to the peaks of mountains as a good sherpa. But that time, I really enjoyed trekking and the scenery from the peak of Mt. Kurodake for myself.
It was a little bit dangerous for my wife to climb the mountain which hillside was covered with snow. That time, lonely climbing was the right choice.


Fine View fromthe Peak of Mt. Kurodake !

by Kazu

The garden where the deities are romping around is the highland located at the center of Hokkaido Island. Trekking from the peak to another peak seemed to be so exciting.
One-hour trekking to the peak of Mt. Kurodake leads to the world where you also can stroll around with easy going up and down.
That may make you forget everything uncomfortable if you have enough equipment for that. Do you want to try ?
I do.


Peak Out !

bvy Kazu

It must be so tough for lives to inhabit the peak of the mountain. It must be so hot in summer and cold in winter. Only the winds, rains, snows carve the rocks, not creatures.
The difference of the temperature also might have broke the rocks by little by little. White milky fog was blown to the east so calmly.
Small windows were made in the clouds that hid the beautiful scenery. That gave a twist to the scenery, I thought.


Bare Ragged Rocks on the Top !

 by Kazu

The top of the mountain seemed to refuse animals and insects to inhabit and exist around there. Very few kinds of plants were near the top of the mountain.
 The hotness in summer and coldness in winter prevent creatures from staying there long and keep it barren. Only the deities can romping around there.
 I might feel loneliness if I was left alone and had to stay there for a night. I was wondering if brown bears strolled around there or not.


From the Peak of Mt. Kurodake !

 by Kazu

I do not think that Mt. Kurodake has a cater from where lava had splashed before but the rocks on the top of the mountain apparently seemed to be made of lava.
In Hokkaido, the vertical limit for plants is much lower than the main island of Japan. That is why tourists can enjoy seeing the highland plants easily.
The hillside near the peak is so steep that the steep hillside near the peak could not be seen clearly from the peak.


Over the cloud !

by Kazu

 The wind blew the cloud and the hillside with the stripe of white and dark green could be seen a little bit through the window  in the cloud.
Can you see the garden of deities called "Kamuimintara" in the language of the indigenous people of Hokkaido Ainu.
It is impossible for human beings to live in this area but the scenery completely different from the habitat of human beings made us convinced of our too little existence in the world.


Barren Peak of Mt. Kurodake !

by Kazu

Almost no plant on the peak of Mt. Kurodake. From the barren and rocky surface of the top of the mountain, green and white hillside of other mountains should be seen through the cloud.
But white fog prevented me from watching around the scenery from the peak of the mountain.
The trail to the peak of Mt. Asahidake that is the highest in Hokkaido could not be seen on that day and the huge rock extended to the air pretended to be the way to other peaks. Dangerous !