The Forest !

by Kazu

I enjoyed driving so comfortably. Soon I could see the base of the bridges ahead. Yes, the highest pass in Hokkaido "Mikuni Pass" was on my way to Mt. Kuro-dake.
Can you see the tower-like bases of the bridges ? That is the way to the peak of the pass where very nice scenery of the forest could be seen.
This is the scenery from the lookout near "Mikuni Pass". A variety of peaks of mountains in Daiseysuzan National Park"could be seen and the guide sign was set in the direction of the peaks..


Heading to Daisetsuzan National Park !

by Kazu

Leaving Nukabira Hot Spring Village, I headed to the north, the central part of Hokkaido, Daisetsuzan National Park Area. The highest pass was on my way to Souunkyou Area.
 Driving to the highest pass of Hokkaido Island called "Mikuni Pass" was so nice. The blue sky showed the direction to the next destination.
 Surrounded by the woods, drivers tend to be over the speed limit. Please be careful.


Before departure 3 !

 by Kazu

I found a rock aged and covered with moss beside the deck near the outside hot spring spa of Nukabira Kanko Hotel. Good taste !
 This is the chair for the guests cooling down their bodies after bathing in the outside hot spring spa. You have to wear clothes but naked bodies could be seen from there if some guests were in the spa.
The riverside was covered with green of Japanese butterbur, spruces and birches. Japanese butterbur tend to mushroom in the area with plenty of water. The aroma of the woods give you the second wing absolutely.


Before Departure 2 !

by Kazu

From the deck near the outside hot spring spa of Nukabira Kanko Hotel, very nice scenery of woods on the hillside could be seen. You can cool down your body after bathing in the spa.
 This is private area, so no trekker could not be seen and the guests did not have to be worried about peepers around the area except for wild lives.
This hot spring  spa is very nice to use the private bathroom but for females, it may be tough to savor enough the atmosphere without the regulation of males' use of the spa, I think.


Before departure !

by Kazu

To be honest, I was eager to spent more time in the spa but another eagerness to conquer the peak of the mountain outstripped the hot spring spa.
 Can you find the entrance for males and females ? The red is for females and the blue for male..
After letting the muscles of my body relaxed enough, I wrapped up comfy bathing and headed to the deck and stairs.


Morning Bathing in Nukabira Kanko Hotel 2 !

 by Kazu

Too long bathing after jogging around in the morning makes me sleepy while driving but before going up to a certain mountain in this season, I had to warm up my body enough.

Outside hot spring spa was vacant in that morning. I could spent enough time in the bath, listening to birds chirping.
The small space for taking off and putting on clothes is for males but even females have to enter this spa without clothes. That is why nobody was there, I think.


Morning Bathing !

by Kazu

The muscles of my body were keen to  be  relaxed in the healing hot spring spa of Nukabira Kanko Hotel. Too long bathing in the morning makes me sleepy while driving.
 So I make a point of limiting morning bathing within an hour. The outside hot spring spa of the main building of the hotel is on the hillside.
 Nobody was in the hot spring spa in that morning. It was so precious time to refresh myself and look back what happened this year.


Morning Shot !

by Kazu

For hot spring area, I could not feel the smell of sulfur in the forests. The aroma of typical forest of spruce filled up the area. Needless to say, the fertile soil of fermented leaves add a twist to the air. 
The trunks of trees cut down were left on the ground. Some kinds of insects must be inside. The footprint of deer could be seen around the trunks.
After an hour jogging, I soaked my body warmed up in the hot spring spa to get the second wing. Morning bathing after jogging is addictive. 


The Forest of Nukabira !

by Kazu

Aged forest in the courtyard of Nukabira river seemed to be well-trimmed but  appropriate wildness was left. The artificial structures and the original wild flora stroke the balance so nicely.
Fallen tree prevented me from going through the trail but it did not matter. It ticked my  mind to explore further.
Don't you feel your itchy feet to step into the forest ? i would like you all to inhale the air in the woods and feel the smell of a variety of creatures.


Beautiful Arch in Nukabira Onsen Village !

by Kazu

Going through between the base of the bridge, I went down along Nukabira River. I did not step into the river flow because the water was so cold. 
 I could not find any silhouette of creatures in the river flow on that day but I heard the sounds of the movement made by the creature outside of the river flow.
A little fish jumped and made a splash on the river. The river seemed to nurture a variety of creatures certainly.